8 Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Hoboken + Jersey City

Written by: Jennifer Tripucka | Editor & Founder 

Hoboken Girl

#7. Brielle Dahan 'This meal delivery service is personal and customizable'

"Brielle makes the most delicious, made-to-order meals that are both organic and nutritious. She's creative with her menu, and super easy to work with to find your dietary likes and dislikes/restrictions.


It's been a pleasure working with her and making my life easier each week!"


Jennifer Tripucka | Editor & Founder

"As a private practice nutritionist, the food I recommend to my clients is everything to me.  This is why I consistently recommend Chef Brielle’s services to those who are ready to give up the worry of meal prep and have beautiful, fresh, organic meals delivered right to their home. 


Chef Brielle cooks for me and my family also… she is a total star!"

Laurie Wasserman |

RD / co - founder Absolute Nutrition

"Brielle is not only a great cook, but a true professional.  She makes every attempt to cater to her clients' needs both nutritionally and taste-wise.  You can tell she truly enjoys what she does." |

Jackie Baumrind, MS, RD, CD-N

"Brielle has been delivering my food for over a year now. It is not only delicious but has enabled me to monitor my diet closely with minimal stress. It is like having a personal chef at a fraction of the price.

Brielle understands the nutritional requirements of athletic individuals which is a rarity. I am in the best shape of my life thanks to this convenient service."

Jean Tully

"I have been using Brielle’s personal chef service for almost 3 months now and it is absolutely fantastic!!

Not only is the food incredibly yummy (not sure how she accomplishes it given the dietary restrictions we put in place with Laurie from Absolute Nutrition!) but the willingness of Brielle and her team to accommodate likes and dislikes is unparalleled.

As a new mom, and a soon to be working mom, having my meals prepared and delivered to me makes my life so much easier in many ways. Most importantly, it keeps me on track with my healthy eating goals.

I cannot say enough about Brielle and her company - I would more than highly recommend to anyone and everyone!!


Thanks Brielle!!!!"

Maria Fruci ESQ

"Chef Brielle’s dishes are fresh, flavorful and inventive. They are expertly prepared and delivered, like clockwork, twice weekly, right to my front door. She is keenly aware and sensitive to my likes and dislikes, and everything she crafts is not only delicious, but satisfying as well. 


Week after week, Brielle works closely with my dietician to adjust the macros in my meals to suit my nutrition and fitness goals. Combined with regular exercise, I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds and more than 10% body fat in just 8 weeks exclusively consuming Brielle’s creations. 


I couldn’t be more thrilled with her food, flexibility, accessibility and service. Thanks Chef Brielle!"

Eric J. Wasserman, MD

"Brielle delivers a service beyond just food. She takes the time to ask important questions about lifestyle, activity levels and likes/dislikes.


As a busy professional, often eating can be a daunting experience as the office is ordering from "wherever" and you need a quick bite before your next meeting.


With Brielle, on my team she delivers healthy prepared meals and I don't have to worry about when or where my meal is coming from or what's in it. I know it was carefully prepared with my lifestyle in mind.


She checks in every so often to make sure the meals are working for me in case something in my workout or health has changed. She truly cares about us as clients and makes sure we're taken care of. "


Dana Cavallo

Chief Financial Officer

"I have been using Brielle’s personal chef service for three months now! I am a Type 1 Diabetic and a very picky low carb pescatarian – she is happy to work through all my requests and executes beautifully. I have tried other meal delivery and meal prep services and NOTHING else compares.


Put simply, Brielle is lovely to work with and prepares delicious and creative dishes. Could not be easier than having everything delivered and 100% ready to reheat. Brielle will help get to where you want to go!"  


Dorthea Alsberg 

"I began working with Brielle 9 months ago. At that time I had been diagnosed with SIBO and was in terrible pain, with weight gain and severe bloating. 


Brielle listened to me and along with a nutritionist came up with a meal plan that would help me with my SIBO. Immediately I started feeling better, I no longer have pain, my weight is back down and there is no more bloating. 


Besides preparing meals to my strict dietary needs, her food is also delicious. I look forward to getting my weekly freshly prepared food delivery, she mixes it up and I am never bored.  I highly recommend her services!"


Robin Kronk

TK Design Associates, LLC

"As a skin care professional I take nutrition very seriously. The synergy between  proper skincare and a well balanced diet shows on your skin.


After years of trying many different meal companies I was introduced to Brielle by one of my clients who is an elite personal trainer.

I tried meal services since my time is limited. My first conversation with Brielle she inquired what my goals were and what type of meal plan and functional diet I would like to keep. 


Brielle’s meal are Delicious. She is also good at modifications if you’re looking to start a diet or incorporate another style of eating.


I’ve been using her company for meals for the last two years and I see myself continuing long-term."

Erica Cerpa
Founder, EC Beauty